Walthamstow Reserves

Team Information

Walthamstow Reserves team photo


Richard Williams 07973 938094 Club Secretary
Paul Flowers 07530 832694 Manager
Enyinna Okoro Coach
Herbie Johnson Phone Coach


William Amoah Player
Yemi Babson Player
Kemar Bello Player
Mekhi Charles-Armstrong Player
Sam Donovan Player
Kristian Georgiou Player
Elijah Grant Player
Taylan Gul Player
George Hellen Player
Charlie Hunt Player
Pooya Karimi Player
Muhammet Kucuk Player
Callum Malcolm Player
Louis Mallandan Player
Charlie McCarthy Player
Daniel McSweeney Player
Mikael Mouskoundz Player
Cheick Sakho Player
Finlay Sims Player
Bosko Trivunovic Player
Roberto Vieru Player
Arjun Mirchandani Player
Daniel Williams Player
Alex Wynter Player
Omar Dacres Player
Kaya Hacet Player
Anthony O'Malley Player
Sakiou Jatta Player
Matthew McDonald Player
Imran Kone Player
Ryan Washington Player
Elton Tettey Player
Thomas House Player
Leon Humphreys Player
Dylan Flynn Player

Fixtures & Results

Date Time Opposition Competition Score Ground/Scorers
11th May 2023 19:00 Jolof Sports League 0-0 Jolof Sports could not constitute
9th May 2023 19:00 Kit out of London League 2-2 Matthew McDowell 2
6th May 2023 15:00 Chadwell Heath Spartens League At Wadham Lodge Astro
4th May 2023 19:00 May & Baker Reserves League 1-3 Daniel Williams
29th Apr 2023 Chadwell Heath Spartens League 1-4 Ryan Washington
25th Apr 2023 18:30 Oakside League 3-1 George Hellen, Thomas House, Ryan Washington
15th Apr 2023 15:00 Woodford East League 3-7 Thomas House, Meiki Charles-Armstrong, Ryan Washington
10th Apr 2023 13:00 Lymore Gardens League 2-0 Mekhi Charles-Armstrong, Matthew McDowell
8th Apr 2023 14:00 Frenford Development League 4-4 Roberto Vieru, Matthew McDowell 2, Makhi Charles Armstrong
25th Mar 2023 Kit out of London League 1-2 Matt McDowell
4th Mar 2023 14:00 Blue Marlin League 1-4 Louis Mallandan
24th Feb 2023 Lymore Gardens League 4-5 Louis Malladain 2, Mekhi Charles Armstrong, Elton Tettey
18th Feb 2023 Brimsdown League 0-5
11th Feb 2023 14:00 Dagenham United League 2-2 Ryan Washington, Louis Mallandan
4th Feb 2023 FC Petroclub League 1-3 George Hellen
28th Jan 2023 14:00 Sporting Hackney League 0-6
21st Jan 2023 14:00 Crookz Utd League 3-3 Ryan Washington, Mekhi Charles Armstrong, Imran Kone
14th Jan 2023 FC Petroclub League Cup 1-6 Sakiou Jatta
12th Jan 2023 20:30 FC Petroclub League Cup 1-5 Sakiou Jatta
7th Jan 2023 FC Baresi League 3-2 Mekhi Charles Armstrong, Yemi Babson, Matthew McDonald
3rd Dec 2022 Crookz Utd League 1-2 Taylan Gul
26th Nov 2022 Sporting Hackney League 0-1
19th Nov 2022 14:00 Brimsdown League 2-3 Sakiou Jatta, Anthony O'Malley
12th Nov 2022 Blue Marlin League 3-2 Taylun Gul 2, William Amoah
29th Oct 2022 Oakside League 2-3 George Hellen, Taylun Gul
22nd Oct 2022 May & Baker Reserves League 1-2 Mekhi Charles-Armstrong
15th Oct 2022 Woodford East League 2-4
8th Oct 2022 14:00 FC Petroclub League 1-6 Elijah Grant
30th Sep 2022 Jolof Sports League 1-2 Omar Dacres
24th Sep 2022 14:00 FC Baresi League 0-6
17th Sep 2022 15:00 Halstead Town Res County Cup 3-4 Callum Malcolm, Elijah Grant, Taylan Gul
3rd Sep 2022 Rapid Chingford League 8-0 Michael Osei, Taylan Gul, Pooya Karimi, Matthew Walsh 2, Mekhi Charles-Armstrong 3, Daniel Brock
27th Aug 2022 14:00 Rapid Chingford League 3-2 Elijah Grant 2, Callum Malcolm
20th Aug 2022 Dagenham United League 1-1 Own Goal
13th Aug 2022 15:00 Frenford Development League 1-0 Elijah Grant