Ryan FC Presentation Day 2009

Ryan FC Presentation Day 2009
Ryan FC Presentation Day 2009 went really well once again at The Chingford Rugby Club on Saturday 6th June.

Well done to all the players who all got a trophy for representing the club this season. Also special thanks yet again to all the managers who got to the ground early to help and also at the end.

Anyone who didn't get a chance to purchase Presentation Pics from Tony Hussey on the day, can still do so through a link which will be put on this page later.

Club Top Goalscorer
Christopher Huggins 30 goals

Club Player of the Season
Scott Moulding Under 11's

Players Player
Evan Ladbury under 7's Red
Luke May-Parrott under 7's Blue
Jack Smith under 8's Red
George Brockhouse under 8's Blue
Caleb St Luce under 9's Saturday
Karl Emil Halkjaer under 9's Saturday
Zachary Lee under 9's Red
Donnelle Maitland under 10's Saturday
Jack Newbury-Neale under 10's Saturday
Joe O'Connor under 10's Red
Joshua Rennie-Smith under 10's Blue
Jack Anderson under 11's Saturday
Dylan Evans under 11's Red
Charlie George under 11's Blue
Luke Murray-Johnson under 13's Red
Dwayne Wittman under 13's Blue
Henry Williams under 14's
Scott Clark under 15's

Parents Player
Callun McQuide under 7's Red
Louis Bell under 7's Blue
Ryley Scott under 8's Red
Charlie Smith under 8's Blue
Felim Conroy under 9's Saturday
Billy Happe under 9's Saturday
Johnny Lafferty under 9's Red
Ellis Morgan under 10's Saturday
Esat Saiti under 10's Saturday
Joe Tappin under 10's Red
James Caine under 10's Blue
Christopher Huggins under 11's Saturday
Jack Anderson under 11's Red
Connor Sorrell under 11's Blue
Harry Gyngell under 13's Red
Ricardo Roque under 13's Blue
Jake McMullen under 14's
Antonio Deslandes under 15's

Managers Player
Theo Ward-Malcolm under 7's Red
Kiernan Hodge under 7's Blue
Cameron Sims under 8's Red
Joseph Clark under 8's Blue
Ryan West under 9's Saturday
Harison Wright under 9's Saturday
Charlie Bell under 9's Red
Daniel Happe under 10's Saturday
Lewis Evans under 10's Saturday
Elijah Dobson under 10's Red
James Watson under 10's Blue
Jake Magson under 11's Saturday
Matt Lustig under 11's Red
George Pardoe under 11's Blue
Adam Gillard under 14's
Shaharaz Ashfaq under 15's

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